Posted on Jan 12, 2014

Books—The Newpigin Chronicle & Odd Ball—hardcopies

I am pleased to report that by my count every person who has actually read The Newpigin Chronicle so far, has not only enjoyed the book, but also found it to be quite humorous—intentionally humorous that is. I am extremely pleased to receive these comments because as an author I’m never really sure whether my new book will appeal to the larger audience the way I believe it should. Attempting a humour piece such as this, puts me on even shakier ground. What makes any reader smile, or heaven forfend, laugh aloud, can vary a great deal and be truly subjective. I’d really, really like to know what, if anything, in The Newpigin Chronicle causes you to smile/chuckle quietly to yourself/ha! involuntarily/LoL or spit out your wine / beer / starbucks/ Freedent. Email me, AJS, if you care to share your thoughts.

I particularly count on Canadian readers to identify with the antics of these residents of a small prairie community, as observed and reported by their local newspaper. Like all small towns and hamlets in this broad country, politics, sports, the weather and healthcare figure prominently in the day to day conversations of Newpigians who just happen to have their own local solutions to those, and many other issues we all deal with collectively.

At this writing The Newpigin Chronicle is only available through this website—see the Newpigin page if you’re interested. I plan to make the book available for digital download soon. Here is a link to email Gus if you would like to be notified when that happens.

You may also order a hard copy of my first book, Odd Ball, through Jobbi. Just send him a short note and he’ll make the arrangements. I will soon be writing more on the Teacher page about some  aspects of Odd Ball that I believe were overlooked by the education community when the book came out.

Finally, at this point in winter I feel that we in the northern half of the northern hemisphere could  use something to make us smile or, heaven forfend, even laugh out loud. I hope The Newpigin Chronicle is able to do that for you;-}