ISBN-13: 978-1-897235-88-1

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5.5″ x 8.5″

186 pages / paper

BISAC      JU V039230 (Juvenile Fiction-Bullying)

JU V039250 (Juvenile Fiction-Immigration)

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Odd Ball – An unusual, some even say wacky, social event which involves taking a chance, new friends, dancing, fun.

oddball dance – one little dance which involves oddballs grooving together.

Sarcastic Ball – a commercially sold answer ball with an uncanny connection to our nearly dormant sixth sense. If you proceed to the More Odd Ball Stuff page, the Sarcastic Ball’s history, mystery and proper method of use are revealed to anyone who truly believes in the power of actually reading the operating manual.


Official Odd Ball Book Blurbs


FBI WARNING: Federal Book Report Investigators do not recommend that you attempt to use the following information as a shortcut to writing a proper book report. And in particular you should not add the word Central to each middle school reference or change the word geek to nerd or change each kid to guy. That would never, ever fool your stressed-out, overworked, underpaid teacher—not in a kazillion years.

Book Blurb 1 – 100 words

About Odd Ball

Can a middle school on the verge of coming apart from within be saved? Stephanie thinks so, but she can’t do it alone. Unlike the bullies ganging up on the strange new guy, Stephanie suspects that Jobbi might have just what it takes. No one but her has figured it out yet, but the new kid has an unbelievable talent for matchmaking. And that’s exactly what she needs—well, that and some help from her reluctant geek hero friend, Kevin. But will the stolen knife suddenly show up to destroy all of her plans? Hockey, dancing and chaos ensue.

Book Blurb 2 – 200 words

About Odd Ball

A thirteen year-old boy from Latvia finds himself unexpectedly enrolled in a Canadian public middle school that is on the verge of coming apart from within. Sinking moral and increasing hostility is behind it. How can he possibly survive with no French, almost zero English and nowhere near the physical strength required to fend off the silverback bullies? The reader will discover that middle school life can turn in some pretty unexpected ways. Just as it’s not always the biggest, fastest players who score all the goals in hockey, it’s also not always the coolest, most popular kids that can figure out what’s wrong and find a way to fix it. Stephanie, the school livewire who’s learning to believe in herself, puts everything on the line with the help of her cool geek buddy, Kevin, and the strange new guy, Jobbi—who just happens to have an inherited ability for matchmaking. But will her plan be enough to actually turn the school around? Or will the increasing threat of violence and the menace of a stolen knife, cause everything to fall apart before she even gets a chance? Hockey, odd ball dancing and chaos ensue, both in Canada and Latvia.

Book Blurb 3 – 300 words

About Odd Ball

Jobbi is a boy, 13, forced by a parental misadventure to relocate from Latvia to a relative’s home in Canada. He is put in the unenviable position of trying to fit into a chaotic middle school world that seems alien to him. Despite major problems with speaking English and an unusually vulnerable personality, he does possess two very unique skills that could help him—he plays hockey like a figure skater and, totally unknown to himself, he has an inherited talent for matchmaking.

It happens that his new Canadian school has not only deteriorated socially but is also increasingly desperate to win a hockey game. Stephanie, a bundle of grade eight energy, knows there’s something terribly wrong going on, but doesn’t feel she can fix things, at least not by herself. Unlike the bullies ganging up on the new guy, Stephanie suspects that Jobbi might just have what it takes to save the school year. With his help—and the help of a reluctant Geek hero named Kevin—she sets out to do just that, by putting together a dance that will provide every kid who attends with a perfectly matched dance partner. They call it the Odd Ball, and its success very much depends on Jobbi’s ability, the exact ability he himself has not yet discovered. But can Jobbi find a way to make the school hockey team despite how he skates, rescue his parents who are awaiting trial in Latvia and help Stephanie make the Odd Ball work out?

Middle school hockey, dancing and much chaos abound.

This story is told from the points of view of four major players, none of who happens to be the title character. The story is told through multiple short chapters presented in rotation and dovetailing to a surprising yet satisfying finish.

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