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So far, this is the only location in the world, if not the universe, where one of these authentic, very limited, print  editions of The Newpigin Chronicle can be purchased.

I know it may be argued in some quarters, that with so many other galaxies and parallel dimensions, I can’t really be sure that this exact book has not been published elsewhere.
I accept that possibility completely, but as far as this particular world goes, I have the only bonafide copies, as well as the means to deliver the book in less than a lifetime — barring a postal strike.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this book, for whatever reason — there’ll be no  awkward questions** asked — please use one of the buttons below.

**The book will arrive discreetly inside a plain brown wrapper.



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Unfortunately, the cost of posting a book to the United States is significantly higher.  I have reduced the cost of the book in an attempt to slightly mediate that difference.


*** A link to the e-book edition of The Newpigin

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(revealing photos of Newpigin here)




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