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Book signing turns into a melee. Security attends.

Book signing turns into a melee. Security attends.











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Comment Aug.4, 2011


My name is Sue Fonseca and I am a retired Teacher-Librarian and Junior High (Middle School) teacher.

I am the Book Toad at Toad Hall Toys in Winnipeg and thanks to my job, I continue to read fabulous children and young adult literature.
I’ve just added “Odd Ball” to my list of recommended reading for the young adult section at Toad Hall and I’ve already ordered several copies of the book for the store.
Brilliant evolving story, terrific insights into junior high and high school life, beautifully developed characters – thank you so much!!  I would encourage Junior High teachers to take note that this is a perfect discussion book for your lit classes.  It touches on kids from other countries and their challenges, the issue of bullying and how to deal with it, cliques and the damage they can do, and most importantly – how to encourage the positive, supportive leaders to help make change!
Good luck with this one and let me know about articles and such.


Sue Fonseca


p.s.  I must also let you know that I was also a reviewer for CM (The Manitoba Library Association’s Canadian Review of Materials) and I’ve turned down many books at Toad Hall because they just didn’t make the grade.  I don’t give praise lightly.


Reader Comment — June25,2011
Congratulations, again, on getting your book published.  I loved Odd Ball and read it in two days.  It was thoroughly engaging and enjoyable.  You did a fantastic job of bringing Jobbi and his friends to life.  Odd Ball is somewhat reminiscent of The Breakfast Club for me…and that’s a good thing!  It’s one of my favourite movies.

Reader Comment — June25,2011


I loved Odd Ball so much! The storyline was great, the characters were realilistic, and the book was funny.
-Jobbi’s dialogue was easily readible and Jobbi often made me laugh.
-The hockey parts were explained really well, and I liked how it was explained kind of like a sports announcer. It was probably a 4.5.
-I really really liked the Latvian history. It was entertaining, and it felt like you actually got on a plane and went to Latvia. One of the Latvian parts I really liked was when Jobbi’s mother, Taska, goes to find “Boris Michalenkov” on pages 112-115.
-I wouldn’t really change anything about Odd Ball because it doesn’t need anything else.
One thing I want to add is my favoite character. My favorite character is Stephanie. I felt like I could relate to her most. Other characters that I liked were Soon Lee and Jobbi. My least favorite character is Kevin. I think other people would like him, but for some reason, I think that if I knew him in real life I wouldn’t like him much.
Thanks for writing Odd Ball
Erin, 13


Reader Comment — June26,2011


I finished reading ‘Odd Ball’ and I absolutely loved it. The concept of a sixth sense was really interesting and I’ve never read a book exploring such a topic. I personally love reading books where the story is told through a different perspective in each chapter, and I believe that the author executed this perfectly. The only suggestion I have for the writer is tell a bit more of Brandon’s story, I found it quite interesting. Other than that the book is wonderful and I must say the characters seemed so real it felt like I knew them. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read such an amazing book.
– Mira, 13


Reader Comment — June27,2011


I recently finished reading your book “Odd Ball” and loved it. One of my favorite things about your book was how each chapter was written in the voice of a different character – I really got a sense for how Jobbi and the others were feeling. I think this is a great book for anyone but in particular for those in middle school as the book is set in a middle school environment and lots of kids can either relate to or sympathize with the characters.  There were some great solutions offered to help everybody get along and by the end of the book that’s exactly what happened.

It was a quick read and very entertaining, and I will definitely read any books you publish in the future!

Miles, 14


Reader Comment - June 9, 2011

Katrin at Goodreads rated it 4 *s

Odd Ball is a compulsively readable book — likeable characters in a terrific story — not just for kids, although they will like it a lot. I’m recommending it to every young person I know.


Reader comment — Sept16, 2011
I wanted to congratulate you and say I enjoyed the book very much. I was surprised at how well you were able to understand the struggles of a teenage girl. I don’t think that is an easy thing for a man to do, I’m being serious :) Well done.  I loved the story and I really  wanted to know more about the characters stories especially Paula. Well written and again it  was an excellent read. Congratulations and good luck!
Suzanne C.


Review from Sept.2011



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  • Doug Gordon says:

    Odd Ball is a great read for all ages. It provokes thoughts of those school days that was part of all our lives. A must read.